Welcome to the website of the
14th Central and Eastern European NMR Symposium & Bruker Users’ Meeting

The symposium is organized jointly by the Bulgarian NMR Centre at the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Bruker BioSpin with the assistance of the Company for International Meetings (CIM) Ltd.

The symposium will include three main topics:
     • Presentation of state-of-the art topics in Diffusion, HRMAS, and solid state NMR.
     • NMR in life sciences – EAST - NMR regional meeting
     • Perspectives in phytochemistry – an NMR view - SEE PhytoChemNet (under the auspices of

Each session will include a tutorial lecture for the given topic, a plenary lecture, an invited lecture and oral presentations. Poster session will be organized as well.

Important Information

DateEventE-mail for contacts:
31 July 2012Early registration deadline - extendedceum2012@orgchm.bas.bg
20 August 2012Abstract submmission deadline
31 August 2012Registration deadline

General Info

English is the official language of the CEUM 2012. All paper presentations and discussions will be in English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Bulgaria is a part of the Balkan Peninsula in South Eastern Europe. The state of Bulgaria was first founded in 681 AD and has a long and varied history. Since January 2007 Bulgaria is a member of European Union.

This is Bulgaria’s third largest city, a large port, and an important cultural, trade and industrial centre. Founded in the 6th century BC, the city boasts lots of remains from Roman and Byzantine times. Varna is rightly known as the “capital city” of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

How to reach Varna
From Europe:
  By air: Bulgarian and foreign airline companies directly link the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, to all major   European cities. Regular flights operate between Sofia and Varna several times daily. Direct flights from   major European cities to Varna are also available (for more information see Varna Airport website). Detailed   schedule can be obtained from the Sofia Airport website and also from CIM upon request.
  By car: Varna is accessible from the main border checkpoints via national and international roads.
From Sofia:
  By train:Varna has railroad connection with all major cities in Bulgaria. For more information visit the   following site.
  By bus: CIM could make reservations for the regular bus lines between Sofia and Varna if required. The price   of the ticket for both directions is 30 Euro.

How to reach Golden Sands
  Public transportation: There is a bus line available from Varna Airport to Golden Sands Resort Centre with a   bus stop at the Central Bus station. Detailed information can be found on the following link.
  Taxis are also available but the participants are advised to be careful by ordering a car because of the high   rates.
  Тransfers upon request from Varna Airport to Lilia Hotel and v.v. will be organized as well, which has to be   noted in the registration form along with the arrival and departure details.
Additional travelling information will be available soon.

Entry Formalities
There is no need for visa within the European Community including Bulgaria. For information on passport/visa requirements for entry into Bulgaria, contact the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate in your country. In a case you need to apply for a visa, the Scientific Secretariat will send you a formal letter of invitation to support your application.

The participants are advised to take out appropriate health and travel insurance.

Monetary System
The national currency is the Bulgarian Lev. Bank notes of the following denominations are in circulation: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Levs. 1 Euro = 1,95583 BGN.

Climate, time and voltage
Moderate climate: mild spring and autumn, hot summer, cold snowy winters. The weather at the beginning of September is warm and sunny. Daily temperatures range from 23 to 28°C. For further information: www.weather.bg
Summer time - GMT + 3 hrs. (April through September). Electricity in Bulgaria runs on 220 Volts, 50 Hz.


All participants are requested to pre-register by sending a completed Registration form (also available in Bulgarian language) with the respective fee to the address of CIM Ltd milena@cim.bg. Forms received without the appropriate remittance will not be considered for valid registration. The conference registration fee covers the proceedings, the participation in the sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, get together party, welcome cocktail. Official Dinner will be organized on 18 September. Price: 30 Euro per person.

Registration fee:

 Early registration
(Before 31 July)
After 31 July
/on spot
Participants100 €130 €
Student80 €100 €
Accompanying person60 €60 €

Full time students are required to enclose a copy of a certificate.

Social Events

Coffee, tea, refreshments will be available during the CEUM 2012. Working lunches will be organized for all participants.
GET TOGETHER PARTY (inc. in the Registration fee) 16 SEPTEMBER
COCKTAIL PARTY (inc. in the Registration fee) 17 SEPTEMBER
OFFICIAL DINNER (30 Euro per person) 18 SEPTEMBER

This is one of the few preserved and accessible rock monasteries in Bulgaria, dating from the early Middle Ages. The monastery caves were hewn into a 25 m high vertical carst cliff near the upper edge of the Franga plateau on several levels.The monastery is declared a cultural sight and houses a small museum. The show recreates the history of the monastery and represents the most significant moments of Bulgarian’s Black Sea Cost History.

Letter of Invitation

Upon request the Organizing Committee will issue an Official Letter of invitation for participation in the CEUM 2012. It should be understood that the invitation is only meant to facilitate participants to find financial support if it is necessary or to be presented at the Bulgarian consular offices for obtaining an entry visa. Such a letter does not commit the Organizing Committee to cover any expenses of the delegates


Advance payments of registration fee and hotel accommodation should be arranged to the CIM bank account indicated on the registration form or by credit card. On-site payments should be settled upon arrival at the CIM Registration Desk in Lilia Hotel in cash (Euro and BGN) or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AmEx). Important note: All currency exchange charges and bank collection fees are to be covered by the participant. Detailed information concerning payment and cancellation policy can be found in the registration form

Confirmation Letter

A letter of confirmation will be sent to participants on receipt of registration and reservation forms and the respective payment. Participants are kindly requested to present the letter at the CIM Desk.

CIM Registration Desk

The CIM Registration Desk will be located next to the reception in Lilia Hotel. It will operate from Sunday, 16 September and will stay open till the end of the Meeting. Participants can address the CIM representatives for information on hotel accommodation, transportation, working and tourist program, social events.


For conference schedule see the timetable or download the final programme as a pdf file here.


All contributions will be published in the symposium book of abstracts as submitted, without further editing by the organizing committee. Please, send your abstracts to ceum2012@orgchm.bas.bg no later than August 20, 2012.

Poster dimensions: The poster display area is 1.00 m high and 0.90 m wide.

Abstract submission
Please submit your abstract in English using the following format:
     • Size: at most one A4 page
     • Margins: left and right 2.5 cm, top and bottom 2.5 cm
     • Title (Arial, bold, centered, 14 pt)
     • One blank line
     • Name of author(s) (Arial 12pt, Centered, name of presenting author underlined)
     • Affiliation and Address of author(s) (Arial 10pt, Italics, Centered)
     • One blank line
     • Abstract text (please put references in square brackets, e.g., [1])
     • One blank line
     • References: Arial 10pt, Left justified
     • Acknowledgement (Arial 10pt, Left justified, Italics)

For references please use the following format:
1. Jerschow A., Muller N., J. Magn. Reson. 125, 372–375 (1997).

Figures: Must be embedded into the text

Please, download and use the Abstract template to prepare your Abstract.

Extended abstracts
Extended abstracts will be published in Bulgarian Chemical Communications (a peer-reviewed journal, ISSN: 0324-1130). An abstract template and additional information will be available soon.

List of Participants

Family, First Name e-mail Country
Absillis, Gregory gregory.absillis@chem.kuleuven.be Belgium
Angelov, Simeon sanguelov@cu.bas.bg Bulgaria
Badea, Valentin valentin.badea@chim.upt.ro Romania
Balan, Mihaela bmihaela16@yahoo.com Romania
Bankova, Vassya bankova@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Batovska, Daniela danibat@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Bejan, Vasilichia vasilichia2004@yahoo.com Romania
Berger, Stefan stberger@rz.uni.leipzig.de Germany 
Chakarova, Silvia silvi_chak@abv.bg Bulgaria
Dangalov, Miroslav m.dangalov@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Deleanu, Calin Calin.deleanu@yahoo.com Romania
Delsuc, Marc-Andre madelsuc@unistra.fr France
Dobrikov, Georgi gmdob@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Dodoff, Nicolay I. dodoff@obzor.bio21.bas.bg Bulgaria
Dumitru, Florina d_florina@yahoo.com Romania
Dvortsak, Peter peter.dvortsak@bruker.de Germany 
Figueroa-Villar, Jose Daniel jdfv2009@gmail.com Brazil
Fuertig, Boris fuertig@nmr.uni-frankfurt.de Germany 
Gelev, Vladimir vlado@fbreagents.com USA
Georgiev, Milen milengeorgiev@gbg.bg Bulgaria
Georgiev, Yordan yordan_georgiev88@abv.bg Bulgaria
Georgieva, Nelina nelиna_@abv.bg Bulgaria
Georgieva, Zhana zhana_85@abv.bg Bulgaria
Gerhard, Jacob Jakob.Gebhard@tuhh.de Germany 
Geru, Ion iongeru@yahoo.com Moldova
Gobet, Mallory mallory.gobet@cnrs-orleans.fr France
Gorincioi, Elena elena.gorincioi@gmail.com Moldova
Gorolomova, Paulina poli_j_g@abv.bg Bulgaria
Grigorov, Martin r.liapchev@chim.uni-sofia.bg Bulgaria
Gruncharova, Hristina hgtina@abv.bg Bulgaria
Hirtopeanu, Anna ahirtopeanu@yahoo.com Romania
Ionescu, Valentin valentin.ionescu@bioresurse.ro Romania
Iugu, Dinu d.iuga@warwick.ac.uk UK
Ivanov, Petko ivanov@bas.bg Bulgaria
Kaufhold, Denis dennis.kaufhold@tuhh.de Germany 
Klimas, Aleksandra aleksandra.klimas@us.edu.pl Poland
Koever, Katalin E. kover@science.unideb.hu Hungary
Koseva, Neli koseva@polymer.bas.bg Bulgaria
Kostova, Kalina kalina@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Kraicheva, Ivanka kraicheva@yahoo.com Bulgaria
Kratchanov, Christo christo.kratchanov@vitanea.com Bulgaria
Kratchanova, Maria lbas@plov.omega.bg Bulgaria
Lubenov, Lubomir A. llubenov@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Lysova, Anna lysova@tomo.nsc.ru Russia
Magusin, Peiter p.c.m.m.magusin@tue.nl The Netherlands
Marinova, Maya mm@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Martins, Jose C. jose.martins@ugent.be Belgium
Marx, Ute ute.marx@bruker-biospin.de Germany 
Matulova, Maria maria.matulova@savba.sk Slovakia
Misiak, Maria mamis@chem.uw.edu.pl Poland
Mitova, Violeta mitova@polymer.bas.bg Bulgaria
Mitrev, Yavor yavor@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Nedzhib, Ahmed ahmednedjat@abv.bg Bulgaria
Nicolescu, Alina alina220382@yahoo.com Romania
Ognjanov, Manol mogn@abv.bg Bulgaria
Petkova, Zhanina zhpetkova@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Petrov, Peter ppetrov@chem.uni-sofia.bg Bulgaria
Pianet, Isabelle i.pianet@ism.u-bordeaux1.fr France
Pirnau, Adrian apirnau@itim-cj.ro Romania
Plavec, Janec janez.plavec@ki.si Slovenia
Polenova, Tatiana tpolenov@udel.edu USA
Popescu, Raluca raluca.popescu@icsi.ro Romania
Rangelov, Miroslav A. marangelov@gmail.com Bulgaria
Reinhold, Andres andres.reinhold@gmail.com Estonia
Samoson, Ago ago.samoson@gmail.com Estonia
Saxena, Saurabh saxena@chem.uw.edu.pl Poland
Scalet, Mario m.scalet@unesco.org Italy
Schneider, Bernd schneider@ice.mpg.de Germany 
Seckarova, Pavlina pavlina.seckarova@szpi.gov.cz Czech Republic
Shestakova, Pavletta psd@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Simeonov, Marin m.sim@abv.bg Bulgaria
Simeonova, Margarita msimeonova@uctm.edu Bulgaria
Simionescu, Natalia natalia.simionescu@gmail.com Romania
Simova, Svetlana sds@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Slavcheva, Stoyanka stoianka_slavcheva@abv.bg Bulgaria
Staleva, Plamena plami_packa@abv.bg Bulgaria
Stavarache, Carmen stavaraches@yahoo.com Romania
Stavarache, Cristina cris_elly@yahoo.com Romania
Stoicev, Vassil v.stoitsev@txis.us Bulgaria
Stoikova, Silvia ahss@chem.uni-sofia.bg Bulgaria
Stoyanova, Radostina radstoy@svr.igic.bas.bg Bulgaria
Szantay, Csaba cs.szantay@richter.hu Hungary
Todea, Anamaria anamaria.todea@chim.upt.ro Romania
Todorova, Stanislava s.todorova.1000@abv.bg Bulgaria
Trendafilova, Antoaneta trendaf@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Tripon, Carmen carmen.tripon@itim-cj.ro Romania
Tsekova, Daniela Dtsekova@chem.uni-sofia.bg Bulgaria
Turcu, Romulus Valeriu Faviu fturcu@phys.ubbcluj.ro Romania
Tzvetkova, Pavleta pavleta.tzvetkova@kit.edu Bulgaria
Uhliarikova, Iveta iveta.uhliarikova@savba.sk Slovakia
Urbanczyk, Mateusz murbanczyk@chem.uw.edu.pl Poland
Van Lokeren, Luk lvlokere@vub.ac.be Belgium
Vasilescu, Mihai mihai.vasilescu@phys.ubbcluj.ro Romania
Vassilev, Nikolay niki@orgchm.bas.bg Bulgaria
Velcheva, Vyara vyara.velcheva@gmail.com Bulgaria
Viel, Stephane s.viel@univ-amu.fr France
Villanueva-Garibay, Jorge  jorge.garibay@bruker-biospin.de Germany 
Vodenicharova, Elica elicapetrova@abv.bg Bulgaria
Vuckovic, Ivan ivuckovic@chem.bg.ac.rs Serbia
Willem, Rudolf rwillem@vub.ac.be Belgium
Wolff, Gerd Gerd-joachim.wolff@bruker-biospin.de Germany 
Zhecheva, Ekaterina zhecheva@svr.igic.bas.bg Bulgaria
Zick, Klaus klaus.zick@bruker-biospin.de Germany 


Scientific committee

Vassya Bankova
Stefan Berger
Calin Deleanu
Vladimir Dimitrov
Katalin Kövér
Slobodan Milosavljevic
Ago Samoson
Harald Schwalbe
Pavletta Shestakova
Svetlana Simova
Rudolph Willem
Gerd Wolff

Organizing committee

Miroslav Dangalov
Georgi Dobrikov
Maya Marinova
Yavor Mitrev
Pavletta Shestakova
Svetlana Simova
Antoaneta Trendafilova
Pavleta Tzvetkova
Nikolay Vassilev





Hotel rooms have been reserved for the CEUM 2012 participants at Lilia Hotel in Golden Beach Resort. Lilia Hotel disposes of 174 Double rooms, 55 suites and 1 VIP suite. All rooms have air-condition and are equipped with telephone, satellite television, mini-bar and hair-drier in the bathroom. There is a beautiful panoramic view towards the sea from the rooms' terraces. The hotel offers Classical Restaurant, developed in an old city style, air-conditioned Beer-house, Sky Bar situated on the roof with a beautiful panoramic view towards the sea shore, lobby bar, BBQ restaurant and a night bar. More information for the hotel can be found on the hotel website.

Hotels in lower categories, located within short walking distance (not more than 10-15 minutes) from the Conference venue, can be proposed upon request at milena@cim.bg. All bookings and inquires should be addressed directly to CIM Ltd. in order to use the special accommodation rates.
A deposit of one night is required in confirmation of hotel reservation. The deposit will be deducted from the total hotel bill. The balance due should be settled upon arrival at the Registration Desk in Lilia Hotel.

Important note: There is still pressure for accommodation at the middle of September at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and participants are advised to book at their earliest convenience by sending the form with the required first-night deposit (preferably before 20 July).

Meeting Venue

The CEUM 2012 will be held in the Golden Sands Resort. The resort is situated 18 km north of the city of Varna and 28 km from its airport. It is a modern resort with traditions, and history going back 50 years. A unique blend of lovely nature park, warm sea, and fine golden sand! Golden Sands is the winner of a "Blue Flag" - a prestigious international award for environmentally clean resorts.The resort offers accommodation in 69 hotels of different category, excellent possibilities for recreation, entertainment, business and health.

   The meeting itself will take place in the 4-star Lilia Hotel. The hotel disposes    seminar and conference halls, as well as Wi-Fi in the Hotel Lobby and in most    of the rooms and suites. The hotel offers advertising and presentation spaces    close to the halls and in the hotel’s foyer, various business services –    telephone, fax, Internet, copier, laminating, as well as proper technical    appliances for the successful flow of every professional meetings.